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We have a new look!


A message from our MD, Davide Garbarino:

“When we initially started up the two businesses covering hospitality consultancy and recruitment, the plan was to keep them both separate by creating two websites but with an internal link from one to the other, plus a corporate branding that mirrored both companies.

However, it soon became clear to us that to become ‘The Hospitality Experts’ it would be far easier for anyone to find us if we merged the two companies, changed our corporate brand, and create one website.

The decision made, we needed the right help, someone that would understand our needs and create the ‘look’ we wanted and that is why we turned to John Polley, the Graphic Design and Branding Specialist, who listened carefully to our ideas for the rebrand we were aiming for and the direction we wanted the business to go.

Over the last few weeks there have been many zoom calls with back and forth emails getting everything just right, but we are delighted to announce that we now have a fantastic brand new look for our business which has merged perfectly with our new ‘one stop’ website that now covers all of the services we offer. 

Here at Ho.Re.Ca. we are always looking for ways to improve on yesterday and create something new for tomorrow.”

We are The Hospitality Experts!



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