SPECIAL OFFER >>> RECRUITMENT PACKAGE ONLY £690! <<< ends September 2021

From the 4th July, the Hospitality Industry can re-open its doors once again, and the two-metre rule, which to us all has become the everyday norm, will be relaxed to one metre…happy days..!

But…. Before the celebrations can begin, there is a lot for pubs, restaurants, and cafés to consider and put in place before those doors can open, and we at Ho.Re.Ca Consultancy are ready and waiting to help.


From maintaining physical distancing with ease, taking bookings, and seating customers, to serving the all-important food and drinks, we can train your staff how to maintain the guidelines by keeping themselves and your customers safe.

Training can take place at a date and time to suit you so why not get in touch today and let us take some of the strain away?

Contact us by telephone on 07482 014894, by email info@hthes.co.uk or via our website www.horecaconsultancy.co.uk

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