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“I was sceptical about recruitment agencies but after looking into them I noticed that Ho Re Ca offered a lot more for the money than other agencies.

So by taking the leap and using Ho Re Ca I learned that I was wasting valuable time trying to recruit over and over again and I never really had the focus to look into the right candidate for my business and I kept ending up with the wrong person.

After delegating the job to Davide and explaining to him precisely the type of person I wanted for the position I had available, he went away and found me the perfect person. He didn’t rush it and he scrutinised every applicant and put them through their paces until pinpointing the perfect one.

I don’t regret using an agency and it freed my time up to focus on all the other aspects of the business. I now have peace of mind that my team will always have the right people.”

Alessandro Vergine, Owner


“We recently used this company to recruit for a front of house, senior role. We found Davide to be professional and efficient.

With his extensive and varied industry experience, he really managed to get to the root of exactly the type of person we really needed and what skill set he would be looking for in the ideal candidate.

He translated our ideas of what we were looking for into a fantastic job specification and then interviewed many different people before sending us the top few candidates to meet.

We would never have had the time nor the specific recruitment skills needed to sift through the many different CV’s and find the right person! We are so grateful to Davide, the successful recruitment of this key position for us has really helped elevate our restaurant further.

Thank you!”

Helen & Steve Butcher, Owner


“Ho.Re.Ca has been fantastic.

They allowed me to concentrate on getting new customers and expanding my business instead of endlessly searching for staff.

As my business grows, so does my collaboration with Ho.Re.Ca!!”

Dave Wright, Executive Chef


“Davide and his team have helped to find personnel for my Resto-Pub, as we are open every day and need a lot of Staff for the Kitchen, the Bar and the Floor.

Ho.Re.Ca has organized interviews for me to choose people able to work in a fast pace environment, leaving me to focus on my customers .”

Miguel, Owner


“Sometimes less is more…
all I can say about Ho.Re.Ca is  THANK YOU..!                                                         
Davide has been working with us since day one, and we can’t recommend him enough!!!”

Rhiannon, Restaurant Manager


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