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We’ve all watched TV programmes showing businesses where everyone gets along, remember the 80’s US comedy ‘Cheers’ with Sam the owner who came across as a great boss, where his staff and regulars shared their experiences and lives with each other and each week, we as viewers, would be left thinking what a great place to work… …but sadly when the credits rolled we soon realised that this was not the real world but just an American soap opera.

When you run a company, be it your own or someone else’s, more often than not you will need to ‘manage’ staff but let’s be honest, it’s not always easy, and because you want the best out of your team you may want to be ‘nice’, ‘friendly’ and ‘jovial’ thinking that this way will get the best out of them and your company will thrive because of it. But in real time this may be counter-productive because to run a successful, productive team, your people need guidelines to follow, they need structure and they also need to know who’s in charge; give them all those things and they will respect you all the more for it.

We agree, there’s nothing wrong with a little laughter within a team because it helps to keep things moving, helps them to bond as a team, but work must come first for your company to be successful so, let’s look at an example of what it can take to be a good manager.

Imagine one of your team is 5 minutes late getting into the office, rushes in, gives a quick apology that traffic was bad and got into work as soon as they could – ok fine, you can live with that because traffic, roadworks, breakdowns is something you can’t predict, so you let it go because this particular employee you have never had an issue with and has never been late before.

A couple of days later it happens again, same employee, same 5 minutes, same excuse, same rushed apology but is there something going on that you are not aware of as this behaviour is so out of character for this member of staff?

So, what are your choices to make sure that this behaviour does not rub off on the rest of the team?

Well you can shy away from confrontation and go down the easy, ‘no worries I’m your friendly manager’ route and let it slide again, or you can take control of what looks like a pattern starting, address it before it becomes more of an issue and sit down with the employee to ask a few more questions to see if there is any underlying work problems, or perhaps personal reasons why their behaviour has changed which you are not aware of.

By dealing with the issue in this way, you will show that you care about your staff, that if there are problems they can come to you and talk about it and you will help, but also just as important, you will be seen to be firm but compassionate, visibly showing the team that you are alert about what is going on in the business with nothing getting past you, which in the long term will earn you their respect.

Here at Ho.Re.Ca. Recruitment we care in just the same way and will always source the right management staff for your business who have the necessary skills to keep a good team on the right track. So why not give us a call today on 01484 483034 or email us at info@hthes.co.uk to discuss your recruitment needs.

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