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Hospitality Training

For hospitality training to be successful, managers and trainers must get ‘inside the heads’ of their employees, to understand what motivates them to learn.

Experience has shown us that the most practical and beneficial way of training restaurant employees is the time-tested hands-on method. Essentially, this is a ‘show and tell’ for the trainee, which helps to promote immediate rewards and can highlight where further instruction or training is needed.

Our restaurant and bar training programs involve interactive processes to teach employees how to perform certain hospitality tasks. With over 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, we can help with all aspects of staff training covering the related subjects of orientation and development.

From fast food to fine dining, we are here to discuss the training needs for your staff. We also offer professional bar training and wine courses for your staff in Yorkshire including Leeds & Manchester.

hospitality training

Hospitality Training For Individuals

Whether your are completely new to the hospitality industry or have been away from the industry for a while and want to get back into a new role, or you would like to fine-tune your skills, we have you covered.

Ho.Re.Ca. The Hospitality Experts have a selection of training available designed to help those already working in or looking to get into the hospitality industry. We offer a variety of courses including front of house training, bar training and wine courses in and around Yorkshire, including Leeds, Manchester & Huddersfield.

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