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Our Hospitality Consultancy Services

Those are the main services we provide to our customers, but we are happy to discuss and help with any Hospitality requirement

Hotel and B&B

“Hotel” means an establishment held out by the proprietor as offering sleeping accommodation to any person presenting himself who appears able and willing to pay a reasonable sum for the services and facilities provided and who is in a fit state to be received!

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Restaurant and Pizzeria

“Restaurant” means a place of business where people can choose a meal to be prepared and served to them at a table, and for which they pay, usually after eating!

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Caffes and Bar

“Bar” means a place where drinks, especially alcoholic drinks, are sold and drunk, or the area in such a place where the person serving the drinks stands!

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Menus Developing

The menu is the heart of any restaurant; it showcases everything you have to offer for food and beverages. Menus are as diverse as the number of different types of restaurants. Planning a menu is an interesting challenge!

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Staff Training

Most training programs involve comprehensible step-by-step job learning that utilizes job checklists and differing styles of management control. Training programs also tend to emphasize varying types of sales incentives.

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Business Plan Consultancy

Before embarking on the complex task of setting up any business, especially a restaurant, it is essential to do a business plan. This will help increase the probability of the restaurant’s success

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