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Restaurant and Pizzeria

The objective in planning a Restaurant or a Pizzeria is to assemble, on paper, the ideas for a restaurant that will be profitable and satisfying to the guest and owner/operator. The formulation of these ideas is called the restaurant concept, the matrix of ideas that constitutes what will be perceived as the restaurant’s image.

The concept is devised to interest a certain group of people (or groups of people), called a target market.

Marketing is the sum of activities intended to attract people to the restaurant. This includes determining what group or groups (target markets) are most likely to react favourably to the concept.

We discuss the relationships among concept, business plan, site selection (restaurant location), and marketing. Concept, location, ambience, and marketing are interdependent.

Concept development applies to any foodservice operation, from a hot dog stand to a luxury restaurant, from quick-service to theme restaurants. The challenge is to create a restaurant concept that fits a definite target market, a concept better suited to its market than that presented by competing restaurants, and to bring it into being. This is known as being D&B—different and better.

The restaurant business is intensely competitive.

If a restaurant is not competitive, another restaurant down the street, across town, or next door will take away its customers.

This challenge does not mean that a new restaurant must be built. Plenty of existing restaurants and other buildings can be taken over.

The challenge is to develop and install a new concept, acknowledging the possibility that it may be necessary to modify it as competition and other conditions change. The best concepts are often the result of learning from mistakes. Just when you think you have your concept figured out, guess what? You don’t.

Also, just when you think it’s hopeless, a light’s going to come on, a rainbow is going to appear, and the concept will be reborn. It may be something completely different from what you started with. Every restaurant represents a concept and projects a total impression or image.

The image appeals to a certain market: children, romantics, people celebrating special occasions, fun types, people seeking a formal or a casual venue.

The concept should fit the location and reach out to appeal to its target market(s).

In planning a restaurant concept, location, menu, and decor should intertwine. When a concept and image lose appeal, they must be modified or even changed completely. Concept comprises everything that affects how the patron views the restaurant: public relations, advertising, promotion, and the operation itself.

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