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It is understandable that when going down the recruitment path, your first thought maybe a free ‘do it yourself’ Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media approach which granted, can be a favourable option, especially in the current climate. But…as you are not experienced in recruiting, can you give it the time it needs plus will it bring you the right calibre of candidates, and turn out to be cost effective?

With over 20 years’ experience in the hotel, restaurant, and catering industries, Ho.Re.Ca. Recruitment have become highly regarded as the ‘go to’ recruitment company. We pride ourselves in supplying a bespoke service, concentrating on your requirements to get you the right staff, and with our commission rates starting at 5%, lower than the average recruitment agencies who let’s face it, can charge anything from 17% to a whopping 30%, you can be confident of a positive outcome, and so glad that you decided not to do it yourself!


When looking for a new job, any prospective employer will typically ask for a CV, and it is up to every jobseeker to make sure that their CV stands out from the crowd, because if there are 50+ other applicants and their CV’s are better, then sadly yours won’t even get a glance and will be filed under ‘B1N’.

If we at Ho.Re.Ca. Recruitment can give you any advice at all when preparing your CV, it is to make sure that it is well-written and looks professional (please – no scrappy bits of paper torn out of a notebook), and relevant to the job you are applying for. If you are not confident in writing your own, then get a professional to do it for you, it may cost you but could well be worth it.

Some tips for that perfect CV;

  1. Make your CV is unique and specific to the job you are applying for; read the job description!
  2. Get the reader’s attention (most recruiters will skim read any applications, so make it easy for them to see you are the right candidate for the job) and start by giving a profile of yourself, approximately 50 words covering your work history, knowledge, and relevant skills; written well, this is the quickest way to get your CV noticed ‘immediately’ because what they read in the first half of your CV will determine further interest in you.
  3. It’s not enough to say you are a ‘team player’ or ‘work well under pressure’; focus on examples of your achievements and where you have a proven track record, don’t ‘waffle’ but think to yourself ‘how can I stand out in a crowd?’
  4. Before you send in your CV, read it, and then read it again! Check your spelling, grammar, formatting because once it is sent, there’s no more chances to make any amendments and your ‘moment of truth’ is lost.

Our MD, Davide Garbarino, commented; “During my career I have read many CV’s, some good, and believe me some not so good! but if a CV gets me interested straight away then I am more inclined to read on to find out more, and then take it to the next step which is a face to face meeting”

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