SPECIAL OFFER >>> RECRUITMENT PACKAGE ONLY £690! <<< ends September 2021

As we all know, these are unprecedented times for the once thriving and prosperous hospitality industry, hit hard by a lockdown that feels to have gone on forever, established businesses having to closed their doors because they didn’t have the revenue to trade any more, social distancing resulting in reduced covers, the current 10.00pm curfews, staff shortages…we think you get the picture.

At Ho.Re.Ca. Recruitment, we have always taken pride from our truly bespoke process to place only permanent staff …but wait a minute, what about those temporary roles that are always needed and vital if a business is to keep running?

Our concerned MD, Davide Garbarino said;

“The phone never stops ringing with enquiries like…”Please help…I need waiting staff TONIGHT…!!” …”one of my staff have let me down and I am fully booked tomorrow night – can you send me someone?” and sadly up to now, we have always had to say ‘sorry we can’t help’, but that stops now as we can and will help..!”

If you are experienced in hospitality, maybe you are ‘in between’ jobs and want temporary work, or you have some spare time and want to earn some extra cash,  then please send us your CV via info@hthes.co.uk. or why not give us a call on 01484 483034 to discuss things further?

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