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More ‘tears for Tiers’

It has been announced today that most of the UK will either remain in Tier 3 or will move up from Tier 2, but surely those moving from 2 to 3 can’t be the fault of the hospitality industry as they have been closed now for so long?

Once again it is very disappointing that bars, pubs, cafés, and restaurants are not able to open again and take advantage of the last remaining days before Christmas and the New Year to try and recoup some of their revenue which has always been so readily available at this time of year…but does it have to be all doom and gloom?

Managing Director, Davide Garbarino;

“Whilst we have all been affected by what has happened this year, which includes Ho.Re.Ca. and other such businesses that depend a prosperous industry, the current lockdown could be used beneficially to get everything ready ‘in-house’ prior to opening again because let’s be honest, spare time like this is not normally available, especially during the busy festive season!

Staff training is one vital area, whether it’s getting everyone ready to get back to work by arranging a refresher course or perhaps looking at past failings, for example service, using the time to get a strong and focused team that are ready, willing and able to serve those valued customers once their doors finally open again!

Another good reason to use this time is that COVID-19 protocols are already in place as premises have been made safe, plus training is classed as education so there are no restrictions on getting staff together!”

From fast food to fine dining, our restaurant training programs involve interactive processes to teach employees how to do tasks and can help with all aspects of staff training covering all the related subjects of orientation and development including upselling & cross-selling, serving techniques, table setting and wine pairing.

Ho.Re.Ca – The Hospitality Experts stand out from the rest because not only do we have the experience, 20 years and counting, but we care enough to always be on hand to offer friendly advice and guidance, and with a one-hour free consultation, people can see for themselves just what we can do for them, how we can add value, plus be safe in the knowledge that we are passionate about what we do and are always here to help.

Contact us today on 01484 483034 / 07482014894 or email us at info@hthes.co.uk, because whatever your training needs, we can tailor a course to meet your requirements.

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