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Mid Yorkshire Chamber Calls for Greater Support for the Hospitality Industry

following the impact of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.

We would like to share with you the following article, courtesy of the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, which appears simultaneously in ‘The Yorkshire Times’, ‘Huddersfield Unlimited’, ‘Caterer Licensee’ and ‘Boutique Hotelier’.

‘Multiple lockdowns and the closure of hospitality venues throughout the pandemic has seen many lose work, placed on furlough or even opting to retrain in a different field.

The pandemic, coupled with the effects of the Brexit transition on the availability of foreign workers, means the hospitality sector faces challenging period as demand and expectation to “bounce back” rises.

Davide Garbarino, managing director of recruitment consultancy Ho.Re.Ca, commented:

 “Lockdown has driven people back to their own countries to wait out the pandemic and therefore, they have missed out on job opportunities. For example, there has been a boom of pizzerias opening during lockdown, but many experienced pizza chefs who went back to Italy will now find it extremely difficult to return.

“Brexit, and the new rules for the European community, has made it difficult to find staff, especially now that ‘Chef’ has been removed from the Occupation Code list. Because many wanting to work in hospitality are mainly from European countries, and with the sponsor system and the 70-point scheme, it will be extremely difficult and time consuming for employers to recruit experienced staff from other countries.

“There is an unfair perception in some quarters that hospitality jobs are merely a ‘stop-gap’, or ‘something to do’ at weekends, with workers having no intention of making it a long-term career…

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