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The Eat Out to Help Out scheme has now come to an end, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak, took time out to thank all those that have taken part to help the UK’s economy saying, ‘the scheme reminded us why we as a nation love dining out and I urge diners to maintain the momentum to help continue our economic recovery’.

However, even though it has been a great success with more than 64 million meals claimed so far, and some reporting a fantastic 61% increase on August 2019, sadly the UK government, despite the ongoing interest, has no intention of extending the scheme through September. But there is, we are delighted to say, some good news as there are some businesses in the hospitality industry that have decided to continue the discount, even though there will be no assistance from the government.

Our MD, Davide Garbarino said:

‘The Eat Out to Help Out scheme has been a fantastic boost to our industry and the confidence the government has put in us and the public at large has paid off, as it has got people eating out once again.

Throughout this pandemic, Ho.Re.Ca. Consultancy have been proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the hospitality industry, always being there with our support to help in any way we could, and now that we are starting to recover I  am interested to hear feedback from those that have been affected and want to encourage them to get in touch’.

  • Were you one of the 96,000 establishments that used the scheme, and will you be taking it into September?
  • If you took the decision not to take part, why not and do you wish now that you had?
  • Despite Monday – Wednesday being busy, did you find that your weekend bookings dipped?

We would love to hear from you so why not give us a call on 01484 483034 or email us at info@hthes.co.uk?

So, what’s next?

With the hospitality sector being the third biggest ‘employer’ in the UK, the government have plans to proceed with their second phase, which will see them supporting the UK’s economic recovery, with jobs in the hospitality and accommodation sectors being one of their priorities.

This phase will help to give businesses a future of growth and prosperity, creating a positive attitude by giving them the confidence to start recruiting again, filling those staff vacancies created due to lockdown and furlough.

If you are one of these businesses that need staff, our sister company, Ho.Re.Ca. Recruitment, can help. Call us anytime, Monday – Friday on 01484 483034 or email us at info@horecarecruitment.co.uk to discuss things further.

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