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It has now been two weeks since the hospitality sector was given the ‘green light’ to re-open its doors and this has been fantastic news for those restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, B&B’s and cafés that took the opportunity to open on the 4th July, as they are now embracing the government guidelines, giving them a new ‘normal’ way of working.

We would love to get your feedback on how you have found these first few weeks:

  • How you find the new rules?
  • How is your business being affected?
  • How easy/hard was for you to adjust?
  • How have your customers accepted the guidelines?
  • Have you had to let staff go?

Not open?

If you are a business that decided to wait a bit longer before reopening, this decision will be having a big impact, and the longer you wait, the harder it may be to welcome back those valuable customers again.

  • How are you coping?
  • Do you have a date in mind?

Here at Ho.Re.Ca. Consultancy, we are here to advise the best way forward and make it easier to open your doors.

So, don’t delay – get in touch today!

And finally….you… yes you the customer!

Are you supporting your local restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, B&B’s, and cafés?

Have you booked a night or more away or taken advantage of the Monday to Wednesday offers for meals out? If not – why not?

We know that life is different at the moment and not the same as we are used to, but these businesses need your support now more than ever and are ready and waiting to greet you!

Contact us by telephone on 01484 483034 or 07482 014894, by email info@hthes.co.uk or via our website www.horecaconsultancy.co.uk

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