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Hospitality Consultancy

Hospitality is

  • The act of kindness in welcoming and looking after the basic need of guests or strangers, mainly in relation to food, drink and accommodation
  • Refers to the relationship process between a guest and a host
  • The reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers with liberality and goodwill
  • Derived from the Latin Word “HOSPITARE” meaning to “receive as a guest”

Hospitality Consultant Packages

Explore our hospitality consultancy packages and see how our hospitality consultant
can help you increase sales, customer experience and much more.

Package 1

Optimal guest experience!

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Package 2

Ho.Re.Ca Concept monitoring!

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Package 3

Increase sales by Upselling & Cross-selling!

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Package 4

Mystery Guest!

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Package 5

Valuable sparring!

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Package 6

Solution-oriented coaching!

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Package 7

Purchasing from suppliers!

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Package 8

Selling to Customers!

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Our Hospitality Consultant Services

Below are the main services that our hospitality consultants can provide to our customers, but we are happy to discuss and help with any hospitality requirement

Hotel and B&B

“Hotel” means an establishment held out by the proprietor as offering sleeping accommodation to any person presenting himself who appears able and willing to pay a reasonable sum for the services and facilities provided and who is in a fit state to be received!

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Restaurant and Pizzeria

“Restaurant” means a place of business where people can choose a meal to be prepared and served to them at a table, and for which they pay, usually after eating!

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Caffes and Bar

“Bar” means a place where drinks, especially alcoholic drinks, are sold and drunk, or the area in such a place where the person serving the drinks stands!

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Menus Developing

The menu is the heart of any restaurant; it showcases everything you have to offer for food and beverages. Menus are as diverse as the number of different types of restaurants. Planning a menu is an interesting challenge!

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Staff Training

Most training programs involve comprehensible step-by-step job learning that utilizes job checklists and differing styles of management control. Training programs also tend to emphasize varying types of sales incentives.

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Business Plan Consultancy

Before embarking on the complex task of setting up any business, especially a restaurant, it is essential to do a business plan. This will help increase the probability of the restaurant’s success

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Are You Right For A Career In Hospitality?

A career in the hospitality industry can be hugely rewarding and can enable you to meet new people and interact with them on a daily basis. However, not everybody is suited. To find out if you are suitable try our simple test below.


  1. Can I talk to Strangers?
  2. Am I pleasant and courteous even when under stress?
  3. Am I at ease when using the telephone?
  4. Do I generally look clean and neat?
  5. Can I follow orders?
  6. Do I accept criticism gracefully?
  7. Do I like staying busy?
  8. Do I do detailed work well?
  9. Do I enjoy working with other people?
  10. Do I enjoy helping people?

Give Yourself 2 points for every Yes, 1 point for Sometimes and 0 for No.
If you scored 16 points or more, you will make an excellent Hospitality worker, and if you are interested, our hospitality consultancy service will be happy to help.

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