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Caffes and Bar

Coffeehouses or coffee shops have long been a part of our culture and history and can be an entree into the restaurant business for those who may not want to mess with a full-service restaurant.

Coffeehouses originally were created based on the model of Italian bars, which reflected the deeply rooted espresso tradition in Italy.

Much of the same concept was re-created in North America and in the United Kingdom where this was a niche in the beverage industry that was yet to be acknowledged and filled.

The original concept was modified, however, to include a much wider variety of beverages and styles of coffee to meet the tastes of consumers, who have a tendency to prefer a greater selection of products. Consequently, the typical espresso/cappuccino offered by Italian bars has been expanded to include items such as a variety of teas, iced mocha, iced cappuccino, and light food items such as soups and sandwiches.

Nearly all communities have a coffee shop, be it a chain or independent.

All one needs to open a coffee shop is a good name and location, permits (we can help with that), a coffee machine and an espresso machine, limited kitchen equipment, a few tables and chairs…​

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