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Business Plan Consultancy

Gathering information and writing up a good business plan take time. However, the more effort that goes into the business plan, the more likely you are to be successful. Remember, it’s okay to ask for advice.

A good business plan will not only improve the chances of operational success, but also assist in obtaining financing, in communicating to potential investors, and in serving operational purposes.

Today, sustainability is a key ingredient in a restaurants business plan. As more and more restaurant guests are not only interested in but expecting sustainable restaurants.

Business plans begin with an executive summary, which outlines the elements of the plan. A sample outline of headings for a business plan follows.

The cover sheet also should have the name of the business, the logo or trademark (if any), the current or proposed address of the restaurant, the restaurant telephone number, the owner’s name and associates’ names, and their qualifications.

In addition, it should list the name of the company, the addresses and telephone numbers of the executives, and an introductory statement. Each of the elements needs to be fully written up, and that takes research and critical thinking.

Logically, the plan expects the operator to assess where the business is now and where it should be in 5 to 10 years—and of course, how it is going to get there. The headings for a business plan are…​

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