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‘Good service can save a bad meal,

but there is no level of food that can save bad service’   

Alton Brown




We all like to dine out, don’t we?

Whether it’s a coffee and a cake ‘just because’, a long lazy boozy lunch with friends, or simply a romantic meal with the one you love, it all comes down to the place, the ambiance and service.

There are many reasons to eat out; sometimes it will be a favourite ‘go to’ place, somewhere they know you and greet you by name, or perhaps a recommendation you have been given and want to try, however if you don’t have a good experience and find the service poor (it’s not always the food that is bad), then that will be a deciding factor on whether you return again.

Our MD Davide Garbarino, has been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and when it comes to customer service, he doesn’t hold back, ‘Over the years, I have loved nothing more than eating out, and I always look forward to a new dining experience, but it doesn’t matter how good the venue is, how delicious the food, or superb the wine, for me if the service is poor, then I won’t return and I definitely won’t recommend either!’ Please don’t be like Rachel!…

Good customer service is an art, and those who do it well are flawless, gained with years of experience, having attention to detail, good timing, and the ability to read the vibes at a table to what guests may or may not want. Sadly, good customer service does not come so easy to everyone, which unfortunately can have a detrimental impact on the success or failure of a business.

Here at Ho.Re.Ca. Consultancy we are now offering training courses that are practical, informative, and include the all-important role plays, covering  services like ‘Upselling and Cross-selling’, ‘Table Setting’ and ‘Service’ which will help you ‘stand out’ and ‘give you the edge’ over other candidates when applying for jobs within the hospitality sector.

With courses planned for London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds & Edinburgh there is plenty of opportunity to book your place, so keep an eye on our website www.horecaconsultancy.co.uk as you will shortly be able to book online. In the meantime, please contact the team 01484 483034 or email us at info@hthes.co.uk for course dates and availability.

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